Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't you just love a bargain?

Check out what my latest trip to The Christmas Tree Shop brought me!  In the spring decor section they had these adorable little chalk boards for just $4.99.  The bird scene that was on it was a bit Stephen King-ish and was screaming for a little alteration.  Since Spice Cake paper (and color inspiration) is all over my house, I chose to use up what little scraps I have left to make a couple of rosettes, added a little Linen Thread and my favorite stamp:  Imagine the possibilities.  I dug through my Nana's vintage buttons to find a jumbo brown one to cover up the ugly picture hanger.  Love adding those goodies when I get a chance!

I think I might need another one (or maybe two) to hang near the pantry to make note of needed groceries and one by the door for messages to my family.  So will I decorate those?

What is hanging around your house that could be used for inspiration?  Look for my new Inspiration posts coming next week.  I'll find an everyday item and make a card or 3D item inspired by it.  I'm thinking Friday will be the Everyday Inspiration day.  I'd love to know if I set up a blog challenge, would you be interested in participating? 

Thanks for sticking around and getting inky with me!

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  1. I am shocked you bought that at Christmas Tree Shop. It looks like something you would have purchased at a craft store. Guess where I am going this week? To the Christmas Tree Shop :) Thanks for the inspiration!!