Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Crafty Corner

 I've had a few requests to share pictures of my new stamping space.  We moved in November and I'm pretty sure I've changed the room 4 times already!  Those who know me personally, know how many times I changed my former house...the colors were changed often (which my husband didn't like as he is the "painter"), the furniture was never in the same place very long and wall hangings were often switched.  Being in this new home has been sooooooo much fun!  It was built in 1803 but has had some fabulous remodels to make it a great entertaining house.  It's really open and has some great space.  There are touches of my crafting all over the place but for now I'll stick to my very own fantastic room!  Well...I do share it with my daughter (she's the + in A+...she is a beader/jewelry creator.). 
So...the picture at the top is my main work space.  I get to look out on the little stream that runs behind our house.  My main supplies are off to the right tucked neatly in photo boxes I've bought on sale.  The cream colored desk is made from two bar stools and a slab of wood I got at Home Depot.  I did a primitive style finish and tied 2 inch ribbon on the legs so that I could put boxes there for storage.
 This is to the left of my work station and mainly consists of my stamp sets.  A good friend of mine (and fellow stamper) gave me the two DVD racks (I think they're from IKEA) and they hold the new clear stamps perfectly.  Mini glass jars hold buttons to spice up the wall.  Oh and notice those beautiful Crumb Cake walls that my husband surprised me with!
 This is my daughter's space.  She got that amazing table for Christmas and it's filled with some great art supplies.  She has oodles of beads and has recently started making her own clay beads.  That stack of drawers on the floor holds lots of random craft supplies and I was tired of looking at them so...I used spray adhesive and attached some scrap fabric to the inside of the drawers.  It just cleans it up and hides the mess!
 More scrap fabric!  This is actually a really cute wooden student desk but I have some ugly totes, bags and other random things hiding under there so...I've hot glued the fabric over a curtain rod, opened the top drawers enough to hold the rod and tucked away the mess again!  The top of the desk makes a great big shot station. 

Strangely enough, this room has no closet but has a half bath in it.  Kringle the cat love sitting in the window and it's great for washing the ink and glue off my hands but still a little wacky!

A close up of my tools...sponges, glue sticks, tape, rhinestones, sanding blocks...that sort of thing.
This is just the top of Kylee's space.  I use it for storage and extra stickers, albums, goodies that I don't use often because they aren't Stampin' Up!

Eventually the other two walls in this room will be a Cactus green.  Throughout my house I  have Crumb Cake, Cactus Green (which really is a lighter version of Always Artichoke) and So Saffron (soft sunny yellow for you non SU followers).  We still need to recarpet a few rooms...the 80's called and need the teal and mauve rugs back!  And the lighting in this house is about as bright as about feeling the 1800's! 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my crafty corner of the world.  I'd love to hear your feedback and see what you think!  Next time I'll share the office portion of my space.  Or as my mom calls it, my boutique.  I love being surrounded by color and creative things so you'll see some of Kylee's jewelry and a few goodies I've made over the years. 

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  1. WOW Amy your craft room is AMAZING!! We definitely have to plan a day so I can come over and "play" :)

  2. Saw this beautiful room in person! It is so amazing as is everything you do! You inspire me!

  3. Hooray! I have 100 followers! Thanks so much Heather and Robin!